Monthly Archives: August 2010

LG To Unveil 47LEX8 & 55LEX8 Super-Slim Local-Dimming LED 3D TV

Paying no heed to recent reports which suggest that consumers remain sceptical about 3D televisions especially in these economically uncertain period, LG Electronics – the second largest TV maker in the world behind Samsung – is set to unveil a mouthwatering line-up of 3D TV displays at the IFA consumer electronics trade show in Berlin that begins on Friday this ... Read More »

Sony Joins Race For Autostereoscopic Glasses-Free 3D TV

Following an unconfirmed report that Toshiba are planning to bring to market a 3D TV that doesn’t require 3D glasses by the end of the year, Sony has also let slip that it is developing a glasses-free (also known as autostereoscopic) 3D TV, but is concerned about whether its innovation can deliver satisfactory 3D images at a low enough cost ... Read More »

Toshiba May Launch Glasses-Free 3D TV In Japan By Christmas

To date, even the most fervent 3D advocate must concede that 3D TV adoption among consumers has been less than spectacular. The need to wear special 3D glasses to watch 3D material on the current batch of 3D televisions has always been thought to be a major hindrance. Seeking to address this problem and seize the initiative from rivalling TV ... Read More »

Only 2% of Brits Plan To Buy A 3D TV Over The Next Year: Yougov

Since the start of 2010, quite a few of the more well-known TV makers including Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and LG have invested a sizable amount of resources into developing, launching and marketing 3D TV sets. So far there have been mixed data about how 3D TVs will fare, with some surveys indicating high interests among tech-savvy consumers, but others revealing ... Read More »

BBC Snubs 3D For Now, Citing Lack Of Standard 3D Format

A relative paucity of 3D content has frequently been cited as one of the main reasons why sales of 3D TV sets have struggled to take off. It’s logical: no one would be willing to spend money on an extra-dimensional television if there’s precious little material to watch in 3D, especially when the expensive prices and obligatory 3D glasses are ... Read More »