Monthly Archives: August 2010

Higher 3DTV Uptake Will Spur More 3D Content Production

Apart from expensive price tags and compulsory eyewear, a distinct paucity of available 3D content has always ranked high on the list of factors impeding 3D TV uptake. However heavily TV makers, distributors and retailers try to push 3D TVs, mass market penetration simply won’t materialise unless there is a wide variety of material available in 3D for owners to ... Read More »

3D TV Sales Slow In Japan According To POS data

Following an online survey last month indicating that less than one-third of the Japanese – historically a tech-obsessed nation – are interested in 3D TVs chiefly deterred by the compulsory 3D glasses, some concrete sales data has come in which more or less confirms the lukewarm attitude among Japanese consumers towards extra-dimensional TV displays. GfK Marketing Services Japan, a regional ... Read More »

Samsung LE32C530 Review

A 1080p LCD TV for around £320? Fantasy not long ago, but the Samsung LE32C530 proves that this is very much reality today. As part of Samsung’s “Series 5” range, the LE32C530 is designed with low prices in mind, but the display still features a Full HD panel, 3 HDMI inputs, and some multimedia playback capabilities. You do miss out ... Read More »

Project Canvas Wants Device-Making Partners… Fast

Project Canvas, the open-standard internet TV platform backed by UK terrestrial broadcasters (BBC, ITV and Channel 4) and telecommunications firms (BT, Talk Talk and Arqiva), has publicly invited consumer electronics hardware manufacturers to express their interests in developing Canvas-compliant devices with a target of bringing them to market by the year 2011. With a launch date scheduled for next year, ... Read More »

THX Launches 3D Blu-Ray Disc Certification Programme

THX has long been associated with assurance of high-fidelity sound reproduction from various equipments in the audio chain, but in recent years the company has dabbled in video playback and even HDTV display certification. And considering how zealously 3D TV has been marketed by manufacturers, retailers and content providers throughout 2010, it is only natural for THX to extend its ... Read More »