Monthly Archives: August 2010

Sky Faces Probe Over Premium Pay-TV Movie Rights

Ofcom, the broadcast media regulator in the United Kingdom, has once again referred British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB) to the Competition Commission, on this occasion for Sky’s dominance in the premium pay-TV movie subscription arena, which Ofcom fears may suppress competition and diminish choice and innovation to the detriment of the consumers at large. According to a statement released today, one ... Read More »

ITV2 HD, ITV3 HD & ITV4 HD To Launch On Sky But Not Freesat

ITV is re-entering the UK Pay TV arena after inking a deal with British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB) to launch HD channels of ITV2, ITV3 and ITV4 on the Sky satellite subscription platform, as part of a 5-year strategy to explore new income streams and reduce reliance on traditional advertising revenues. Sky+HD subscribers will be able to watch ITV2 HD from ... Read More »

Future HDTVs May Use Stronger & Thinner Gorilla Glass

More and more flat-panel HDTVs in the future will be equipped with an ultra-strong and scratch-resistant type of glass – dubbed “Gorilla Glass” – identical to that found on the screens of tablet PCs and smartphones such as the Dell Streak and Motorola Droid X, if an American glass manufacturer is to have its way. Corning Incorporated – the New-York-based ... Read More »

Sony Patents 3DTV-Inspired Stereoscopic Screen Sharing

Sony Computer Entertainment has drawn upon the stereoscopic display technology similar to that used on 3D TVs to register a couple of interesting patents for a screen sharing invention which will allow separate images to be shown to different people on the same TV screen simultaneously, the leading patent searching database on the internet has revealed. Current 3D TV sets ... Read More »