Monthly Archives: October 2010

New US Survey Highlights Misconceptions Surrounding 3D

When it comes to 3D TVs, not a week goes by without a new survey on this extra-dimensional display technology hitting the news desks of tech journalists. The latest is one conducted by US-based market research firm Interpret. While most of its findings were hardly groundbreaking, the survey did unearth some gems that highlighted the amount of confusion surrounding 3DTV ... Read More »

Google TV Website Launched; New Content Partners Announced

Although the launch date for Google TV has not been officially announced yet, almost every sign indicates that it is just around the corner. For starters, Google has finally dedicated a section on its website to Google TV . There is a short video tour explaining the concept of Google TV to the average consumer – basically an application that ... Read More »

Dixons Sells 50″ 3DTV, 3D Player & 3 Sets Of Glasses For £999

Jumping on the 3D TV bandwagon is far from cheap for the average consumer. Besides having to splash out on a 3D-ready HDTV display, there are still the prices of related 3D equipments – such as additional pairs of compatible 3D glasses for family and friends, plus a 3D source like a 3D Blu-ray player – to contend with. Backed ... Read More »

Freeview Tops 60 Million Sales In UK, But Freeview HD Stalls

Freeview, the UK free-to-air digital TV service, announced a landmark achievement today as sales of devices that can receive Freeview channels exceeded 60 million units, meaning that roughly one Freeview-capable equipment has been sold for each person in the United Kingdom. Although not formally specified, these Freeview-ready equipments include HDTVs with integrated Freeview tuners, Freeview set-top boxes and Freeview+ DVRs/ ... Read More »

Toshiba Freezes OLED Display Production To Focus On LCDs

Hailed as the future of HDTV display technology, OLED TV has unfortunately lost the developmental and production support of yet another TV maker. According to Japanese business newspaper The Nikkei, Toshiba Corporation has frozen its OLED display project, and will instead focus its resources on producing LCD screens which are in higher demand. Industry analysts surmised that the decision was ... Read More »