Monthly Archives: November 2010

BBC iPlayer Set To Grace BT Vision

BT Vision, the internet protocol television (IPTV) service operated by the UK-based telecommunications giant BT Group, will start offering the ever-so-popular BBC iPlayer catch-up TV service as soon as next month. BBC iPlayer on BT Vision When the BBC iPlayer TV catch-up service first went live online towards the end of 2007, it was initially designed for PC and laptop ... Read More »

BBC iPlayer International To Launch Next Year

The BBC has announced plans to launch their critically-acclaimed iPlayer online television catch-up service in foreign markets. The BBC iPlayer currently provides UK viewers the chance to watch over the internet popular TV and radio programmes that they may have missed on regular television. The platform debuted in 2007 and has been upgraded several times since. The latest version integrates ... Read More »

Oakley Debuts Optically Correct 3D Glasses

Oakley is aiming to change the 3D viewing experience for cinema-goers every where by introducing its own brand of 3D glasses called Oakley 3D Gascan. Unlike the 3D glasses people are used to in movie theatres, the Oakley 3D Gascan glasses aim for optical correctness. Oakley used an exclusive technology called HDO-3D to correct several problems with traditional 3D glasses. ... Read More »

LCD TVs Continue To Trounce Plasmas In Global Market Share

LCD TVs continue to trounce plasma televisions when it comes to market share for the number of flat-screen TVs shipped worldwide, according to the latest monthly data released by Displaybank. Out of over 20 million flat-screen televisions shipped globally in the month of September, LCD displays accounted for 90.8% (18.17 million units which represented a month-on-month growth of 29%), massively ... Read More »

56% Of US Homes Own HDTVs, But SD Viewing Still Prevails

More than half of American homes are now equipped with a HDTV display, but standard-definition content still makes up the majority of TV viewing, according to a report from one of the country’s most authoritative and influential media research firm. When high definition televisions were first released, the prices were very high – it was then considered a luxury to ... Read More »