Monthly Archives: December 2010

Avatar 3D Blu-ray Disc Review

Panasonic’s involvement in Avatar 3D, the 3D cinema event of 2009, did not end with the film’s release. As part of their ongoing involvement, the company – controversially – has secured the exclusive home release rights to the Avatar 3D Blu-ray disc. If you’ve bought a certain combination of Panasonic 3D equipment within a certain time period, you can receive ... Read More »

3DTV To Grow Faster Than HDTV Thanks To Sky & 3D Games: Sony Chief

A Sony chief has predicted that the adoption rate of 3D TV technology will be faster than that seen during the transition from standard-definition televisions to HDTV displays, fuelled primarily by content from the recently launched Sky 3D channel as well as a good dose of 3D games. However, he did concede that the economic uncertainty currently gripping the UK ... Read More »

Toshiba 12GL1, World’s First Glasses-Free 3D TV, Hits Shops In Japan

A glasses-free 3D TV has gone on sale in electronics stores across Tokyo, Japan today, attracting a number of intrigued passersby who were keen to see the display in action. Its manufacturer Toshiba claims that the 12GL1 is the world’s first television that lets viewers enjoy 3D images without requiring compatible 3D glasses, though it must be pointed out that ... Read More »

Korea Officially Admits 3D TV Health Risks; Issues Safety Guidelines

The state-run media regulator in Korea – where the world’s top two flat-screen TV manufacturers Samsung and LG Electronics are based – has publicly issued some safety guidelines for viewers when watching 3D TV displays, including specific advice on viewing duration, rest period, sitting distance and viewing angle. This marks the first time anywhere in the world that a national ... Read More »

Americans Rank Picture Quality As No. 1 Factor When Buying A HDTV

Americans placed the most importance on picture quality when shopping for HDTV displays, according to a US consumer survey conducted by a market research firm during the third quarter of 2010. After image quality, purchase price and screen size were the next two most significant factors for potential HDTV buyers in the USA. The results came from California-based consumer electronics ... Read More »