Monthly Archives: January 2011

Nearly 50% Of LCD TV & Monitor Panels Will Use LED Backlight This Year

Just under half of flat-screen LCD TV and monitor panels shipped worldwide this year will be illuminated by LED (light-emitting diodes) backlight, a recent research has estimated. This figure represents a sizable increase from 2010, when LED penetration among these display devices stood at only 20 percent. LED-backlit LCD television – or “LED TV” if TV manufacturers were to have ... Read More »

Outsourced LCD Panel Found In Over A Third Of LCD TV Sold Globally

The practice of outsourcing the LCD panels fitted in LCD TV displays is becoming increasingly commonplace among TV manufacturers. According to a new report, more than one-third of LCD televisions that were shipped worldwide in the third quarter of last year actually used LCD panels which were sourced elsewhere (i.e. not produced by the TV brand itself). The Quarterly LCD ... Read More »

Pioneer Elite HDTV To Reborn As Sharp LCD TV, Sadly Not As Kuro Plasma

Still widely regarded by most video enthusiasts as the best flat-screen HDTV ever made despite being discontinued two years ago, the Pioneer Elite series is about to make a comeback, but probably not in a manner that is hoped for. Japanese TV manufacturer Sharp Electronics announced this week that it has secured the licensing rights to market selected new models ... Read More »

Former LCD Partners LG & Philips Suffer TV Sales Woes Amid Weak Demand

Sluggish demand for flat-screen HDTV displays in these economically difficult times has hit television sales hard. LG Electronics and Philips Electronics, two TV manufacturers who used to be partners in the production of traditional CRT (cathode ray tube) televisions and more recently LCD TV panels, have reported disappointing sales figures in their respective fourth quarter 2010 results. On Monday, Dutch ... Read More »

Samsung To Equip D7000 & D6500 LED TVs With 3D & Smart TV Functions

Samsung Electronics are gearing up to equip even their midrange and entry-level HDTVs – such as the upcoming D7000 and D6500 series of LED-backlit LCD TVs – with 3D TV capabilities and “Smart TV” functionalities, as both features (especially the latter) are expected to be in high demand among consumers looking to purchase a flat-screen television in 2011. Samsung’s new ... Read More »