Monthly Archives: January 2011

TV Makers Like Samsung & Sony To Cut LCD Panel Production In Q1 2011

Sales of flat-screen LCD TV sets have grown from strength to strength over the years, as consumers worldwide embraced the display technology’s slimmer and lighter form factor, versatility, and lower power consumption. However, despite seeing a huge sales jump during the fourth quarter of last year, the LCD HDTV industry will apparently be reducing their LCD television inventory levels – ... Read More »

Panasonic Teams With Japanese Government For 3D Viewing Safety Rules

Panasonic have revealed that they are working closely with the Japanese government to put safety guidelines in place for the impending rush of 3D TV displays that we will undoubtedly see over the course of the next few years. The Japanese government recently called for Google to increase the restrictions on its Android mobile operating system to include more parental ... Read More »

Global 3DTV Sales Forecast To Hit 91m By 2014, But 3D Content Is Key

It’s no secret that the television industry are pinning their hopes on 3D TV displays to persuade consumers to part with their money and upgrade their existing HDTV sets. Following the success of 3D movies like Avatar 3D, TV manufacturers took note, and have been fervently pushing 3D-ready and 3D-capable televisions over the course of last year. However, the amount ... Read More »

Disney Plans Internet Video Content For Yahoo Connected TV Sets

The Wall Street Journal has uncovered plans between Disney and Yahoo to deliver video content to the Yahoo TV platform that has gained so much attention in recent weeks. The Walt Disney Company is reportedly looking to create widgets for the internet TV software that would allow users to stream content from their Disney Channel, ESPN, and ABC programming to ... Read More »