Monthly Archives: March 2011

Philips’s 2011 HDTVs Will Feature Freeview HD Tuner For The First Time

Philips has confirmed that its 2011 range of HDTV displays will feature integrated Freeview HD tuner for the very first time, effectively levelling the playing field against competing models from other TV brands who have had a year-long head-start in this respect. Last week, the Dutch manufacturer unveiled its new consumer electronics products for the year ahead at its annual ... Read More »

Japanese Electronics Firms Hit Hard By Friday’s Earthquake & Tsunami

The massive earthquake and ensuing tsunami which consumed north-east Japan on Friday afternoon has hit the country hard, prompting Prime Minister Naoto Kan to declare the natural disaster – which has thus far claimed thousands of lives with many more missing – as the largest crisis the Land of the Rising Sun has faced since World War 2 (WW2). While ... Read More »

CEA Seeks 3D Glasses Standardisation, But Only On Active-Shutter Type

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) has this week invited interested manufacturers in the HDTV industry to submit proposals to standardise the infrared synchronisation signal used on active-shutter 3D glasses, so that eyewear from one brand can be used on three-dimensional TVs from other makes. The American trade organisation hopes that by arriving at a common standard for interoperable 3D glasses, ... Read More »

LG Wooing Sony To Adopt Its FPR Polarized/Passive 3D LCD TV Technology

LG Electronics and Sony Corporation may be embroiled in a patent dispute over the Blu-ray technology used in the PS3 (Playstation 3) video game console, but that has not stopped the former’s TV-making division from trying to persuade the latter to adopt its FPR (film patterned retarder) passive 3D LCD technology. The Korean conglomerate is seeking to topple Samsung as ... Read More »

Passive 3D TV Sales Growing Faster Than Active-Shutter Models In China

Although active-shutter models still dominate the 3D TV landscape in China, “passive” sets that use polarized 3D glasses have been gaining in popularity among consumers over the Chinese New Year holiday sales period, the latest data from iSuppli has revealed. According to the California-headquartered market research firm, passive 3D TVs actually grew faster in sales compared to their ASG (active-shutter ... Read More »