Monthly Archives: June 2011

Aggressive Marketing Helps Samsung Top N.A. 3D & Flat-Panel TV Market

Figures have been released earlier this week showing that Samsung is leading the way in the 3D TV market in North America. According to New York-headquartered market research firm NPD Group, the Korean consumer electronics giant managed to secure a staggering 58.4 percent share of the North American 3DTV market in May, which industry insiders attribute to the brand’s aggressive ... Read More »

LG Launches DM50D LED Monitor TV With Passive Cinema 3D Technology

In another innovative move, Korean manufacturer LG Electronics has launched the DM50D 3D-capable monitor which comes with a built-in digital TV tuner. The monitor/HDTV hybrid features the company’s passive Cinema 3D technology, and will appeal to those who dislike the idea of having to wear active-shutter 3D glasses which can be relatively cumbersome. LG’s Cinema 3D displays use polarized 3D ... Read More »

Sony Expanding 3D Horizon With R&D In Augmented & Virtual Reality

Japanese consumer electronics giant Sony is continuing to explore the possibilities of 3D technology, with significant research and development poured into this area. The company recently revealed that it has a number of different R&D projects underway involving the third dimension, which are all ultimately aimed at providing consumers with various forms of state-of-the-art home entertainment. Speaking in an interview ... Read More »

BBC Trials “Venue Vu” Virtual Visualisation Tech In Wimbledon Coverage

The UK’s public broadcaster BBC has revealed that it is trialling a new cutting-edge virtual visualisation technology dubbed “Venue Vu” in its coverage of Wimbledon 2011 tennis tournament on the BBC HD and BBC2 channels, probably in preparation for similar deployment during the London 2012 Olympics next year. Making its debut on air for the first time during the Wimbledon ... Read More »