Monthly Archives: September 2011

LG, Philips & Sharp Agree To Develop Common Smart TV App SDK

Three television manufacturers have announced that they will be coming together to aid the development of multi-platform smart TV apps. The three companies involved are LG, Philips and Sharp, and the firms will be working together to try and work out the common technical requirements in relation to their internet-connected Smart TVs. LG agree with Philips and Sharp to develop ... Read More »

TV Licensing Publishes 2011’s Craziest Licence Dodging Excuses

Whilst most of us dutifully purchase our TV licences every year so that we can continue to enjoy our favourite shows and movies legally on our HDTV sets, there are still many people who hope to be able to save money by simply not bothering to get a television licence, and then drumming up unbelievable excuses if and when they ... Read More »

Toshiba Launches 40TL868 & 46TL868 Active-Shutter 3D LED TVs

Not one to put all its eggs in one basket, Toshiba is continuing its three-pronged assault on the 3DTV market. The Japanese consumer electronics manufacturer has launched the Regza TL868 series of active-shutter 3D TVs to go with the recently reviewed VL863 passive 3D models, and the glasses-free 55ZL2 that is expected to hit UK shops in December. Toshiba launches ... Read More »

LG Banking On Cinema 3D & Smart TV In Quest For 3DTV Market Leadership

LG Electronics is a well-known manufacturer of 3D-capable HDTV displays on the market, and like competing television makers, the technology giant has ambitious plans for the future. In fact, at the recent IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin, the Korean conglomerate made it clear that it intends to capture the top spot as global 3DTV market leader with its Cinema ... Read More »