Monthly Archives: February 2012

1 In 3 LCD TV Production Will Be Outsourced This Year

According to a recent report published by display market research specialist DisplayBank, one in every three LCD TVs produced this year is likely to be the result of outsourcing. The data comes from the “LCD TV Outsourcing Production Industry Analysis and Forecast” which indicates that the number of outsourced LCD televisions is set to increase from 29 percent of the ... Read More »

Samsung Board Sanctions LCD Arm Spin-Off To Focus On OLED

Samsung Electronics’ board of directors has this week given its approval to plans for a spin-off of the technology giant’s Liquid Crystal Display Unit, bringing the company one step closer to realigning its TV business. Following the approval, the spun-off division is set to be relaunched as a new corporation at the start of April this year under the name ... Read More »

Panasonic Goes Big With WT50, DT50 & ET50 LED LCD TVs

For what seems like an eternity, Panasonic has shied away from making large-sized LCD-based televisions to avoid cannibalising the sales of its critically acclaimed plasma displays, but that is all going to change this year with the arrival of the company’s new 2012 range of LED TVs. At its annual European Convention in Hamburg today, the Japanese TV manufacturer revealed ... Read More »

Panasonic TX-P50VT50 & TX-P55VT50 3D Plasma TVs Launched

At its annual convention which is this year held in Hamburg, Panasonic has launched its top-end VT50 series of Smart Viera plasma TVs for the UK and Europe. The VT50 will be the Japanese manufacturer’s flagship product among all the twelve ranges (six plasma-based; six LED/ LCD-based) of HDTV displays unveiled this afternoon. Panasonic TX-P50VT50 & TX-P55VT50 3D plasma TVs ... Read More »

Samsung Seeking To Realign TV Business From LCD To OLED

In a surprise revelation earlier this week, Samsung announced that it is looking at re-orienting its TV business by moving its focus from LCD television, which is resulting in losses for the firm, to OLED which is now seen as the next-generation technology that will take over from LCDs. HDTV industry analysts have been expecting the Korean consumer electronics giant ... Read More »