Monthly Archives: March 2012

Sky TV Ad Helps Zeebox Hit 15,000 New Signups Per Hour

The power of effective advertising has been proven once again this week, after a recently launched ad campaign on Sky’s digital satellite television platform helped social TV app Zeebox clock up around fifteen thousand new sign ups per hour. The ad slot is just thirty seconds long, and was first shown during the Premiership coverage from Sky. It was then ... Read More »

Toshiba 55ZL2 Glasses-Free 3D TV To Hit UK Next Monday

Toshiba has confirmed at its 2012 product preview event this week that its flagship 55ZL2 glasses-free 3D TV will go on sale in the UK from Monday next week (12th of March). The Toshiba ZL2 series of autostereoscopic display was originally slated for a Christmas 2011 release when it was first unveiled at last year’s IFA consumer electronics trade show ... Read More »

Virgin Rolls Out Sky Sports Red Button Services On TiVo

This year is set to be a very exciting one for Brits when it comes to the world of sports, not least because of the upcoming London 2012 Olympics. Cable television company Virgin Media is hoping to make it even more special by enabling its customers to benefit from enhanced sporting entertainment and extras to make their viewing experience all ... Read More »

Samsung Licenses 3D-To-2D Conversion Tech From Sensio

Samsung Electronics this week announced that it has signed a patent license agreement with 3D image processing specialist Sensio Technologies over the latter’s S2D Switch technology. The deal will allow the Korean TV manufacturer to implement Sensio’s patented S2D Switch innovation – which among other things includes 3D-to-2D conversion – on its 3D-capable HDTV displays. Both companies chose not to ... Read More »

Sony Pictures To Launch Dedicated Movie Channel On Sky

Over recent years, we have all become more demanding when it comes to the content that we are able to enjoy as HDTV owners, with most people wanting to access a variety of programmes, shows and movies with ease and convenience. The great choice of movie channels and content has made it easier for Brits to enjoy access to a ... Read More »