Monthly Archives: January 2013

Apple TV 4 To Have Same Design But Upgraded A5X Processor?

Less than 24 hours after the appearance of what many guessed was a blueprint for the fourth-generation of Apple’s set-top TV box in a regulatory filing, the company has revealed that there will be no new design, with the plans apparently related to a hardware upgrade instead. Apple TV 4 to have same design but upgraded A5X processor? “Sometimes we ... Read More »

Ultra HD 4K TV Sales To Grow From 500k This Year To 7m In 2016

Are you dreaming of the day that you finally get your hands on your own shiny new Ultra HD 4K TV? The notion might seem pretty far-fetched at the moment given their astronomical cost, but this perception is likely to change within the next few years as 4K television prices tumble and native content becomes more widely accessible. Ultra HD ... Read More »

Channel 5’s On-Demand App Hits Samsung Smart TV Apps Store

Samsung has just announced more content options for its smart television owners with the addition of Channel 5’s video-on-demand (VoD) service Demand 5, delivering the latter’s hit shows like Celebrity Big Brother and Neighbours. Channel 5’s on demand app hits Samsung Smart TV Apps Store The Demand 5 app is now available for download in Samsung’s Smart TV Apps store, ... Read More »

Japan Plans Ultra HD 4K TV Broadcast In Time For World Cup 2014

Japan is aiming to put itself back at the forefront of technical innovation by becoming the first country in the world to broadcast native 4K TV content almost two years ahead of schedule, according to Reuters news agency. Japan plans ultra HD 4K TV broadcast in time for World Cup 2014 The report states that Japan’s “BS” and “CS” satellite ... Read More »

ITU Approves HEVC H.265 Codec, Aiding Ultra HD 4K Video Broadcast

Just six months after it was first demonstrated by Ericsson, the ITU has approved a new video compression standard for use that should revolutionise the delivery of video to connected devices, removing one of the major obstacles out of the way of ultra high-definition (UHD) 4K content storage and transmission. ITU approves HEVC H.265 codec, aiding ultra HD 4K video ... Read More »