Monthly Archives: January 2013

World’s First Ultra HD 4K TV Channel Hits Europe (Albeit Demo Only)

One of the biggest gripes of 4K TV skeptics is the lack of native ultra high-definition (UHD) content available for the next-generation home entertainment platform, but they may not be able to do so for much longer. In order to meet what will be one of the broadcasting industry’s biggest demands in the coming months, French-based satellite broadcaster Eutelsat Communications ... Read More »

Second Screen Spurs UK Digital Video Spend; Blu-ray Keeps Growing

It seems that there’s no satisfying British viewers’ appetite for digital video entertainment, with the latest figures from the British Video Association (BVA) revealing a massive 49% rise in spending over the past 12 months, fuelled by a growing demand for more Blu-ray and second screen content. Second screen spurs UK digital video spend; Blu-ray keeps growing Such is the ... Read More »

Samsung Shows F8500 Plasma TV With Near-OLED Picture Quality At CES

Samsung PS51F8500

Last year, we remarked that plasma display panel (PDP) technology has been declared dead “more times than a stray cat” – that’s in spite of it still being the number one choice for overall picture quality, especially in the eyes of video enthusiasts (our target audience). Samsung shows F8500 plasma TV with near-OLED picture quality at CES Samsung has been ... Read More »

Forget OLED Or 4K, 13000 Brits Still Use Black & White TV Sets

CES 2013 was all about ultra HD & OLED, and the digital switchover came and went, but apparently someone forgot to inform the 13,000 or so UK residents who still enjoy their favourite shows on a black-and-white (B&W) TV. Forget OLED or 4K, 13000 Brits still use black-and-white TV sets According to the newest figures by the TV Licensing authority, ... Read More »

Netflix Starts Offering Super HD & 3D Movies. 4K Streaming Next?

We’ve seen plenty of new televisions and gadgets at CES 2013, but now it’s time for some news on the services front. Netflix has just announced plans to upgrade its instant streaming to a “Super HD format” which represents the highest video quality it’s offered to date. In addition, the media rental and streaming provider has also launched an experiment ... Read More »