Monthly Archives: March 2013

Samsung Plans To Stream 4K Sports in Ultra HD

Samsung has become the latest TV manufacturer to affirm its commitment to increasing the availability of content for next-generation 4K TVs, saying that it wants to focus on bringing ultra-high definition sports into the living room in the coming months. Samsung plans to stream 4K sports in Ultra HD” In an interview with Australian media earlier this week, Phillip Newton, ... Read More »

Smart TVs & 3DTV’s Growing Consumer Appeal

Up until recently people have been pretty apathetic towards the whole gizmo-laden Smart TV phenomenon, but that’s slowly changing as growing numbers of consumers come to see the benefits of owning a connected TV. Smart TVs & 3DTV’s growing consumer appeal This much can be gathered from the latest IHS Smart TV Consumer Survey, which shows that 30.7% of all ... Read More »

Plasma TVs Are Still Alive and Kicking

What with all the fuss surrounding 4K TVs and OLED, poor old plasma screen displays seem to have been largely forgotten – or at least by much of the media in any case. But that isn’t so with consumers, a large section of whom continue to swear that plasma offers by far the better picture than LCD and other display ... Read More »

Virgin Media’s TiVo Set To Embrace Lovefilm & Netflix

Virgin Media subscribers have a lot to look forward to following the announcement of it’s acquisition by US cable operator Liberty Global, with the company stating its goal is to integrate the services of rivals like Lovefilm and Netflix rather than go head to head with them, according to reports. Virgin Media’s TiVo set to embrace Lovefilm & Netflix In ... Read More »