Monthly Archives: April 2013

Finlux Unveils 55S9100-T Smart TV, Only Available Online

Anyone remember those old Finlux TVs? Some readers might recall that the brand, which was owned by Nokia, saw a reasonable amount of success back in the 1990s with its unique televisions boasting things like inbuilt satellite receivers and other goodies. The quality of their TVs was generally decent, and although the brand never really took off it did develop ... Read More »

Apple iTV To Launch in 2013 with iRing Navigation Device

Apple’s ambitions to take over the living room and redesign the way we experience TV are no secret, and we have seen plenty of rumours over the last year or so about how and when they might do so. Apple iTV to launch in 2013 with iRing navigation device Up until now, Apple has always refused to confirm or deny ... Read More »

BBC Open Sources iPlayer’s TV Application Layer

The BBC has announced the release of its TV Application Layer as an open source platform, making it easier for the television industry to produce smart TV apps. The TV Application Layer, or TAL, was originally built by developers at the BBC. The software stemmed from the broadcaster’s desire to run its iPlayer, News and Sports apps, which were originally ... Read More »