Monthly Archives: May 2013

Fan TV’s Sexy New Streaming Box Plots Living Room Invasion

The battle for the living room is a pretty intense one these days, and if the video discovery startup Fanhattan has anything to do with it, it’ll soon get even more so. Fan TV’s sexy new streaming box plots living room invasion Fanhattan, which is pretty well known in the US for its iPhone TV navigation app, has just announced ... Read More »

Roku Gets £40M Funding To Join The Smart TV Craze

Pretty much every two-bob games console or Blu-ray player is capable of streaming content from the likes of Netflix these days, so what can a company known for its line of low-cost video streaming boxes do to stand out from the crowd? Simple, you just raise a ton of cash and start developing software as well. Roku gets £40M funding ... Read More »

Ofcom: TV and Film Piracy On The Rise In UK

No matter how hard they try, it seems as if authorities are fighting a losing battle in their war against digital piracy. Ofcom’s newly released Copyright Infringement Tracker report shows that piracy in the UK is actually on the rise, with almost a third of UK internet users downloading illegal music, video or TV streams at least once in the ... Read More »

Sky Android Apps Hacked By Syrian Electronic Army

Sky TV’s Android apps have been hacked and defaced by a cyber activist group known as the Syrian Electronic Army in what appears to be a show of support of Syrian President Bashar Assad. Adding to the confusion, the hackers are also thought to have gained control of one of Sky’s Twitter feeds, to mischievously offer customers their ‘advice’ on ... Read More »