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JVC DLA-X75 Projector Review


With THX certification & higher quoted contrast, is JVC's DLA-X75 projector worth £2k more than the excellent X55? Here's our review. Read More »

Sony To Lower X9 Prices & Launch Cheaper Ultra HD 4K TVs

Sony X9 4K Ultra HD TV

A report from the USA claims that Sony is on the verge of declaring an all-out pricing war against rival Ultra HD TV manufacturers Samsung and LG Electronics, with the Japanese company set to slash up to a $1,500 off the cost of its high-end Bravia X9 4K TVs. The claim was made by the Consumer Electronics Daily industry trade ... Read More »

Prices Of Samsung Curved OLED TV & LG 4K TVs Start Coming Down

Samsung curved OLED TV

It’s all very well being an early adopter of new technologies, but it does have a few downsides. For example, if you’ve just shelled out £8,700 on one of Samsung’s fabulous, shiny new OLED TV, you’d probably be pretty pissed to find out that just 24 hours later, the company’s gone and shaved off a whopping 33% off of the ... Read More »

Microsoft Charging Extra For Skype & Game Recording On Xbox One

Xbox One

Microsoft has posted its first video of the Xbox One unboxed together with more specific pricing details, but the news is unlikely to be well received by gamers, who’ll be forced to shell out extra money on top of the sale price to gain access to some key features. When Microsoft’s Don Mattrick first showed off the Xbox One at ... Read More »