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Panasonic Quit Plasma TV Business; No New 2014 PDP Models

This is a sad and grim day for video enthusiasts all around the world. Having been the flag bearer for plasma display panel (PDP) technology for the past few years since the demise of Pioneer’s legendary Kuro plasma, Panasonic has confirmed today that it too is quitting the plasma TV business. Going ahead, there will not be any 2014 Panasonic ... Read More »

PS4 FAQ: 4K In Consideration, But No MP3 & External HDD Support

Sony PlayStation 4

Sony has posted a massive FAQ to answer some of the lingering questions gamers have before the PlayStation 4’s launch next month, but they might not be the answers we were hoping for. The “Ultimate FAQ” deals with topics surrounding the hard drive specs, performance, what the next-generation console does and does not support, and more. Sony says that the ... Read More »

Sonos Playbar Soundbar Review

Sonos Playbar

Whenever the topic of multi-room audio comes up, one name that’s always at the top of the list is Sonos. With a single app, you can stream your entire music collection wirelessly throughout your home with the use of dedicated wireless speakers. Now the time has come for Sonos to throw their hat into the home cinema ring with the ... Read More »

In-Administration Blockbuster Defaults On PS4 & Xbox One Preorders

Sony PlayStation 4

Troubled movie and video game retailer Blockbuster has reportedly entered administration for the second time, just seven months after being rescued from bankruptcy by the investment firm Gordon Brothers Europe. The company, which went into administration last January, says that it’ll continue trading as normal while a new buyer is sought, but if its owner is unsuccessful then it may ... Read More »