Monthly Archives: October 2013

2020 Will See 200 UHD Channels & 140m 4K TV-Owning Households

Panasonic TX-L65WT600

4K UHD TV is set to become mainstream, with over 200 channels worldwide expected to be broadcasting in Ultra HD by the end of this decade, according to a new report from IHS Electronics and Media. The consultancy firm states that by 2020, more than 200 channels will be broadcasting ultra high-definition content to more than 140 million homes, with ... Read More »

JVC DLA-X700 & X900 Projector Demo Proves 4K Isn’t Everything

JVC X700 & X900

Imagine you’re a car manufacturer who has produced the fastest cars over the last few years, establishing a dominant market share as a result. Suddenly, perhaps due to increased awareness about environmental friendliness, consumers are increasingly turning their attention to vehicles which are powered by a new, greener type of fuel called “Quadtrol”. And yet you don’t have any Quadtrol-based ... Read More »

Samsung S9 UHD TV, HEVC & 4K Upscaling To Be Demoed At SMPTE

Samsung S9 4K Ultra HD TV

The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE)’s annual Technical Conference & Exhibition takes place in just five days, and visitors will be eagerly awaiting the highlight of the event – a series of demonstrations showcasing the latest in Ultra High Definition (UHD/4K), HEVC and 4K upscaling technologies. Industry consultancy firm Insight Media will be organising the demonstrations, which ... Read More »

Panasonic Launch 4K Online Video Channel On TXL65WT600 UHD TV

Panasonic 4K Channel

Obviously aware of the current dearth of native 4K content, Panasonic has today revealed at a UK briefing that it will soon be launching a 4K online video channel on its Viera Connect Smart TV platform for owners of the company’s cutting-edge TX-L65WT600B Ultra HD television. Before you get too excited, the videos are more your typical demo material than ... Read More »

John Lewis Expects Microsoft Xbox One To Outsell Sony PS4 For Xmas

Microsoft Xbox One

Just weeks away from the start of the next-generation console wars pitting Microsoft and Sony together in a battle to win the hearts of gamers, one of the UK’s leading retailers has backed the Xbox One to outsell the PlayStation 4. With the Xbox One and PS4 both scheduled to hit the stores within the space of seven days next ... Read More »