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Xbox One TV Integration Broken For UK & Europe: Sky 50Hz Stutter

Xbox One

Updated 26 Nov 2013: A workaround has been found, which can force the Xbox One to output 50Hz instead of 60Hz, therefore removing any noticeable judder in TV programmes for UK and European users. We’ve published the precise instructions here. Microsoft’s Xbox One next-generation console launched to great fanfare yesterday, with more than 1 million units sold within 24 hours. ... Read More »

Like PS4, Microsoft’s Xbox One Sold 1 Million Units In 24 Hours

Microsoft Xbox One

The Xbox One went on sale in more than 13 countries yesterday on the 22nd of November, and today Microsoft announced that more than 1 million units were sold in the first 24 hours, marking the biggest launch in the history of Xbox video game consoles. Most consumer electronics retailers sell the Xbox One, though there’s currently an enormous demand ... Read More »

Inkjet Printing May Bring Era Of Cheaper & Flatter 4K OLED TV

Samsung S9C curved OLED TV

Here at HDTVTest, we have been wowed by the outstanding picture quality produced by OLED TV, what with its ability to deliver true blacks and bright whites owing to the technology’s self-emissive properties. However, the 55-inch OLED televisions currently available on the market – such as Samsung’s KE55S9C and LG’s 55EA980W – are prohibitively expensively, costing at least 3 times ... Read More »

LG To Issue Smart TV Firmware Update To Fix Faulty Privacy Setting

LG Smart TV

Having been exposed earlier today over its illicit Smart TV data collection, LG Electronics has been quick to respond, saying in a statement to HDTVTest that it’s preparing to issue a firmware update to end the practice. The Korean manufacturer’s response comes just hours after Yorkshire-based IT consultant DoctorBeet revealed that his LG 2013 Smart TV was sending data to ... Read More »

LG Smart TV May Log User Data Despite Opt-Out, Breaching Privacy

LG Smart TV

In George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, Big Brother was able to keep the people of Airstrip One under near total-surveillance through television sets installed in every room. The idea of having someone watching our every move, listening to everything we say is creepy, but thankfully that doesn’t happen in real life. Or does it? According to one Yorkshire-based blogger, LG may ... Read More »