Monthly Archives: December 2013

Netflix to Stream 4K via Smart TV App, But Only on Compatible 4K TVs

Netflix on TV

Netflix is aiming to take the lead in 4K content delivery, with a plan to offer ultra high-definition (UHD) streaming to its customers via a proprietary Smart TV app that’ll be available to those with compatible 4K televisions. Speaking in an exclusive interview with British tech magazine Stuff, Netflix’s chief product officer Neil Hunt revealed that the media streaming provider ... Read More »

Samsung & LG To Unveil 105″ Curved 4K Ultra HD LED TV At CES 2014

Samsung 105-inch curved 4K TV

You seldom get Samsung announcing a “world’s first” display without cross-town rival LG Electronics staking the same claim with a similar product, and so it proved today as the battle to garner attention at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas next month heats up. In the early hours of this morning, both companies have announced that they will ... Read More »

New Pioneer LED TV Is Rebadged Thomson Made By China’s TCL

Pioneer LED TV

Pioneer’s long-awaited comeback in the television market has finally been confirmed with the announcement of three full HD LED TVs available in 40″, 46″ and 55″ sizes, scheduled to arrive in the Nordic countries this month before they land on UK shores early next year. No doubt this news will have many former devotees of the Japanese brand, which was ... Read More »