Monthly Archives: December 2013

BBC Admits Sky Will Be First To Launch A 4K TV Broadcast Channel

Sky 4K

In the race to bring 4K TV broadcasts to the British masses, it’s likely that British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB) will beat the BBC to the post, following an admission by the UK public service broadcaster’s executive Mark Harrison that ultra high-definition (UHD) is not their highest priority. Harrison’s comments came at the Digital TV World Summit, where he revealed that ... Read More »

Samsung’s 85″ 4K Ultra HD TV Gets Hit By Amazon Funny Reviews

Samsung S9 4K Ultra HD TV

One of the great things about online shopping websites like Amazon, besides the fact that it’s often cheaper than buying from brick-and-mortar stores, is the ability to leave and read reviews about the products you purchase. And that’s true no matter if you’re buying a gift card for under a dollar, or splashing out $40,000 (around £25,000) on a Samsung ... Read More »

Spotify App Arrives On Philips Smart TV Platform

Spotify on Philips TV

TP Vision, the joint venture between TPV Technology and Philips Electronics which is responsible for the development, manufacturing and marketing of Philips-branded TV sets, today announced the addition of the immensely popular Spotify music streaming service on Philips Smart televisions. The Spotify app will become available on Philips’ Smart TV platform from the middle of December. The cloud-based music streaming ... Read More »

Sky+ App Android & iOS Update Adds On-Demand Download To Sky+HD Box

Sky+ App

These days we have literally hundreds of television shows and channels to wade through, but while you can never have too much choice, it can be taxing trying to keep up to date with all of your favourite programmes. Luckily, we have a range of mobile apps that make the task of accessing and keeping track of all this content ... Read More »