Monthly Archives: January 2014

Samsung Overtakes Sony in US 4K TV Market with ~50% Share

Things aren’t looking so rosy for Sony anymore, despite its initial successes in the 4K market. Although the Japanese firm established an early lead over its rivals in the first half of last year, Korean powerhouse Samsung has now emerged as the market leader for 4K TV shipments in North America, just weeks after achieving a similar feat in Europe. ... Read More »

New 12-Bit Deep Colour Encoding Tech Announced For 4K Blu-ray

It’s all very well having these fancy new 4K OLED TVs and whatnot, but even with these jaw-dropping displays most kinds of media are held back by one huge problem – they’re still encoded with just 8 bits per colour channel, and that only amounts to around 16 million colors. That probably sounds like a lot – and indeed it ... Read More »

TV Maker Loewe Gets Investment from Ex-Apple + B&O Chiefs

Loewe TV

Germany’s high-end TV manufacturer Loewe has announced that new investors will be taking over the business, in a move that should secure the company for the foreseeable future. The investor’s consortium is made up of the Munich-based investment firm Panthera GmbH, as well as former Apple and Bang & Olufsen executives Constantin Sepmeier and Stefan Kalmund. The deal, which was ... Read More »