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Samsung UHD TV to Get Amazon 4K Streaming & Video Pack

Samsung 4K content

Samsung has just struck a deal with Amazon and several other partners to expand its ultra high-definition (UHD) content offerings. The partnerships will give Samsung TVs access to new services including live 4K broadcasting, video-on-demand (VoD) and a long-awaited UHD video pack (at least in the UK and Europe). 4K TV, also known as Ultra-High Definition television, provides a whopping ... Read More »

Samsung to Unveil 105-inch Bendable 4K TV at IFA 2014

Samsung Bendable TV

Samsung might be trailing behind cross-town rival LG Electronics when it comes to OLED TV, but in the world of bendable 4K TVs it’s going to take some beating, according to news sources from Korea. The South Korean firm has long adhered to the principle of “the bigger, the better”, as evident with its mobile phone lineup. Now it’s decided ... Read More »

Samsung HW-H750 Soundbar Review

Samsung H750 Soundbar

Samsung has tweaked the sound of its HW-H750 soundbar from 2013's HW-F751, but it's not necessarily for the better. Here's our review. Read More »

820 4K & 8K Satellite TV Channels Projected by 2025


There’s some good news for early adopters of 4K televisions at last – so long as they don’t mind waiting a while. Ultra high-def satellite broadcasts are a bit thin on the ground at the moment, but by the year 2025 it’ll be a completely different story, as there will be over 820 channels to choose from. This latest prediction ... Read More »

4K TV Won’t Become Mainstream Until 2019, Says Research

CEA 4K video

Talk of 4K television being on the verge of becoming the “next big thing” is a bit premature according to one research firm, which says that the technology is set to remain a “niche market” for several years yet. The Diffusion Group (TDG) says that those professing such “rosy forecasts” are being “overly optimistic”, arguing that we’re still about five ... Read More »