Monthly Archives: May 2015

World’s 1st 4K HDR Broadcast Demoed on Samsung SUHD TV

Samsung HDR TV

Satellite broadcaster SES teamed up with electronics giant Samsung earlier this month to carry out what the two companies claim is the world’s first DVB transmission of High Dynamic Range (HDR) ultra high-definition television. The demonstration took place at the SES Industry Days conference in Luxembourg on the 7th of May, and saw BBC R&D’s Hybrid Gamma technology being used ... Read More »

Ultra HD Blu-ray Specs Complete: New Logo + “Legit Copying”

UHD Blu-ray logo

The BDA (Blu-ray Disc Association) has reached a landmark in the ongoing evolution of the Blu-ray Disc format: the specification, detailing the ins and outs of the Ultra HD format extension, has been finalised, complete with a new logo and “Digital Bridge” feature. We originally described the new format when reporting from CES 2015, and today’s press release solidifies what ... Read More »

Sky to Close 3D TV Channel in June, Making Way for 4K?

Sky glasses-free 3D

British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB) has finally thrown in the towel and announced it will scrap its 3D TV channel this June, five years after it was first launched. The digital satellite broadcaster is believed to have spent millions of pounds in an unsuccessful bid to popularise 3-D technology, but the genre never really took off at home in the same ... Read More »