Monthly Archives: November 2015

Sky Launch 4K-Ready Q Silver Box; UHD Broadcast in 2016

Sky Q Silver

British digital satellite broadcaster Sky has today unveiled its new Sky Q platform as a top-tier premium option to complement its existing Now TV and Sky+HD services. Central to the company’s latest offering is a Sky Q Silver main set-top box that features a slimmer design, a 2TB hard drive, as many as 12 tuners with the capability of recording ... Read More »

Hisense Launches 65XT910 4K ULED TV in UK

Hisense Redbull

Hisense has launched its 65XT910 4K TV featuring the company’s improved ULED technology in the United Kingdom at the high-tech surroundings of Infinity Red Bull Racing factory in Milton Keynes earlier this week. The screen promises several key LED LCD technologies that will undoubtedly appeal to those who have more than a passing interest in picture quality, and is available ... Read More »

LG Talk Up 4K OLED TV & HDR at UK Briefing

LG TV Evolution

OLED television has captured the attention and imagination of the videophile community due to the display technology’s ability to render true blacks, and one manufacturer more than others has been responsible to push the technology forward and make it mass-market. In fact, South Korean behemoth LG is the only company with a commercially viable OLED tech at this time of ... Read More »