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Netflix Rolling Out Mobile HDR on Samsung Galaxy S8 & LG G6

Samsung S8 HDR

Netflix has begun rolling out mobile HDR streaming on selected compatible phones, including the LG G6 with Dolby Vision support, and the Samsung Galaxy S8 series of smartphones that carry the “Mobile HDR Premium” certification from the Ultra HD Alliance (UHDA), even though the latter is not at this time of publication officially listed as a compatible device on Netflix’s ... Read More »

Panasonic EZ952 & EZ1002 Get UHD Premium & THX 4K Cert

Panasonic EZ950

Panasonic announced this week that its “4K Pro” range of EZ1002 and EZ952 OLED televisions have received both Ultra HD Premium and THX 4K certifications, courtesy of the displays’ first-rate video processing and OLED panels. When the Panasonic EZ1002 was first unveiled at CES back in January, with the EZ952 following suit at the Japanese brand’s annual European convention in ... Read More »

OPPO UDP-203 4K Blu-ray Player Review

OPPO 203

OPPO Digital is an electronics manufacturer with an interesting history. When large, digitally-driven flat-panel displays were becoming common, OPPO joined other manufacturers and brought to market “upconverting” DVD players which scaled 480i and 576i DVD content to HD resolution. The rationale back then was that in-TV processing left something to be desired, and there were benefits of allowing deinterlacing chips ... Read More »