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YouTube Adds “2160p 4K” Option To Video Quality Settings

YouTube in 4K

YouTube has quietly dropped a Christmas present for fans of 4K Ultra HD technology: sometime over the last week, the Google-owned website has added a direct option to identify and select 4K clips on the immensely popular video sharing platform, making it easier for owners of ultra high-definition (UHD) TVs to enjoy 4K content on their super-high-res displays. Although YouTube ... Read More »

LG To Issue Smart TV Firmware Update To Fix Faulty Privacy Setting

LG Smart TV

Having been exposed earlier today over its illicit Smart TV data collection, LG Electronics has been quick to respond, saying in a statement to HDTVTest that it’s preparing to issue a firmware update to end the practice. The Korean manufacturer’s response comes just hours after Yorkshire-based IT consultant DoctorBeet revealed that his LG 2013 Smart TV was sending data to ... Read More »

Samsung UE40B7020 Settings

Here are the final settings for the Samsung UE40B7000 review sample we tested, calibrated from a high-definition source using HDMI input in accordance with video industry standards in a dimly-lit environment suitable for critical viewing. These calibrated settings should also be applicable to the Samsung UE40B7020 LED-backlit LCD TV, seeing that the only difference between the two models is cosmetic. ... Read More »