UK TV brand Mitchell & Brown launches 30 models for 2021

Mike Wheatley

If you're after an affordable TV set this year and you value good customer service, you might just want to take a look at what Mitchell & Brown has to offer.


Mitchell & Brown is a little-known and family-run British TV manufacturer. It may sound more like a law firm, but the company insists that it has some high-quality TVs in its product list that offer buyers great value for their money.

The company has just announced its entire 2021 TV range, which consists of 30 models ranging from entry-level HD Ready sets for the bedroom, to its high-end Near-Borderless TVs that come in big screen sizes.

Mitchell & Brown's "Near-Borderless" LCD TVs, as one might expect, boasts a super-slim bezel design that aims to replicate Samsung's "Infinity" style, and come with Freeview HD built-in, plus tons of useful apps including Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and YouTube. It also supports Amazon Alexa, so users that don't like fiddling with buttons can simply use their voice to control the TV instead.

The company claims that its high-end Ultra HD TVs incorporate "the latest Dolby HDR" and although it doesn't say so specifically, it would seem likely that HDR10 and HLG also feature. There's no mention of Dolby Atmos, but the built-in speaker-box, and a subwoofer should help to ensure that viewers are immersed in sound.

Mitchell & Brown said its flagship 4K UHD18114KBL is available in a choice of 43-inch, 50-inch and 55-inch sizes, starting at £530 for the smaller model and rising to £800 for the biggest.

For those who're after something smaller and more affordable, Mitchell & Brown's range extends to a selection of more compact models for the bedroom or kitchen perhaps, that can stand freely or be mounted onto a wall. These models range from 20-inches to 32-inches in size, the company said, and come with or without a built-in DVD player. One of the most affordable smaller sets is the JB-20FV1811, which is priced at just £170, for example.

The company's pricing is certainly very aggresive, but of course they lack the advanced features found on high-end models sold by the likes of LG and Samsung, such as HDMI 2.1 ports. They do include regular HDMI ports though, as well as a USB port and even a headphone for those who need to keep the noise down.

With their affordable prices, Mitchell & Brown's TVs might be ideal for a business such as a hotel that needs to buy several at once. And it just so happens they have an interesting feature called "Hotel Mode" that prevents unauthorised users from changing the settings.

The company also offers a 7 year warranty on all of its models, and because it says it is "proud to be British" it makes a point of basing all of its customer support agents and call centres in the U.K.

Mitchell & Brown's 2021 TVs will launch later this month and will be available to buy directly from its website and at various independent high street retailers. Check out the full range here.