Ahead of CES, LG announces its 2023 soundbar lineup

Mike Wheatley

LG Electronics has just announced its first teaser ahead of CES 2023, unveiling three new soundbars plus an upgraded S95QR flagship model that gains additional sound enhancement features.


The new soundbars include the 3.1.3 channel SC95 (pictured), which is designed to pair with the company's LG C-series OLED televisions, plus the S77S slim soundbar, which is also 3.1.3 channels. There's a 3.0 channel SE6S compact soundbar too, which is really just an updated LG Eclair.

LG said its flagship S95QR and most of its mid-sized soundbars will carry over into 2023, though all will come with enhanced features and capabilities.

One of the best new features is Wow Orchestra, which enables the soundbar to play in sync with the internal speakers on LG TVs, similar to how Samsung Electronics' Q-Symphony feature works. There's also an up-mixer that the company says can upconvert a 2-channel audio track to 9.1.5 channels. In addition, 4K 120Hz VRR passthrough will enable gamers to connect their PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X or Series S console directly to the soundbar via HDMI.

Dolby Atmos surround sound is supported along with Dolby and DTS audio, and the more expensive models have been IMAX Enhanced certified too.

As for the SC95 soundbar, this is said to rest on a bracket that can connect to the rear of any LG OLED C-Series TV. In this way, it appears to look more integrated with the TV, and it will be positioned in the sweet spot for its up-firing speakers to deliver maximum effect, the company explained.

According to LG, all of its 2023 soundbar models are capable of "accurate sound reproduction" along with "enhanced clarity", delivering a "complete home cinema experience". The most advanced models are powered by LG's Triple Sound Technology and sport what's said to be the first-ever Triple Up-Firing Speaker. Meanwhile, LG's new Triple Level Spatial Sound Technology is powered by an HRTF-based 3D engine that performs channel analysis to add a virtual mid-layer.

"The result is incredibly lifelike sound with a convincing sense of space that puts listeners at the center of an immersive audio environment," LG promised.

The soundbars also support LG Wowcast, which is an optional dongle that's able to transmit Dolby Atmos wirelessly from the TV to the soundbar, meaning fewer cables. The S77S soundbar is said to have most of the features of the SC9S, but is not designed for any specific TV. Rather, it's a more versatile option that can be paired with any TV.

Finally, LG said that the new features included on the SC95 soundbar will also make their way to last year's S95QR flagship model via a firmware update that's due in the middle of next year. Meanwhile, last year's S90QY, S80QR, S80QY and S75Q soundbars will get Wow Orchestra via a firmware update. The S90QY, S80QR, and S80QY will also get support for 4K 120Hz VRR in the same update.

LG said the soundbars will be available in select regions early next year, with pricing details to be announced later.