BenQ debuts its first OLED monitor for video gamers

Mike Wheatley

BenQ has update its Mobiuz series of gaming monitors with the launch of its first ever OLED model, the 48-inch, 4K resolution EX480UZ.


While BenQ is probably best known for is projector models, it does have a decent stake in the gaming monitor market too, with its Mobiuz series catering to both PC and console gamers. The new BenQ Mobiuz EX480UZ is notable not only for being its first OLED model, but also because it’s the company’s largest yet.

BenQ’s decision to go for an OLED panel means that buyers can expect more natural-looking colours on-screen, with 98% coverage of the DCI-P3 colour gamut, the company said. It also promises “perfect blacks” and a peak brightness of 450 nits, with a 135,000:1 contrast ratio and grey-to-grey response time of just 0.1 ms.

The BenQ Mobiuz EX480UZ is also the first of the company’s monitors to support a number of optimised HDRi modes, including Game and Cinema options. Together with HDR10, these modes will automatically optimise the colour and clarity of the on-screen images, delivering more vibrant colours. However, BenQ promises that in doing so, it won’t sacrifice the bright and dark details, thanks to its proprietary Light Tuner technology. Users can also adjust the colour vibrance setting on the fly.

Another interesting feature is BenQ’s Eye-Care tech, which helps to minimize harmful blue light. It also applies “brightness intelligence” and enables a “flicker-free” experience that helps to reduce eye strain for those who enjoy extended, late night gaming sessions.

With regards to the audio, the BenQ Mobiuz EX480UZ comes with an onboard 2.1 channel treVolo sound system and a pair of customised 5 watt speakers, plus 10 watt subwoofer and an array of special sound modes - FPS, Racing, Pop/Live, Cinema, and Sports - to suit the type of content. Connectivity-wise, the monitor comes with a couple of HDMI 2.1 slots, a handful of USB ports and a DPI.4. In addition, it provides KVM switching between content sources, allowing users to hook up more than one device.

Royce Lye, managing director of BenQ UK & Ireland, said the Mobiuz EX480UZ is designed to give gamers a more immersive experience. “Gamers, either professional or amateur, can enjoy a new audio and visual gaming experience with top-of-the-range display technology that can support smooth, uninterrupted gameplay, but also promote healthy extended used with our latest built-in eyecare technology,” he promised.

For BenQ fanboys, if there is such a thing, the only disappointment may be the price. While its retail price of £1,599 is in-line with other OLED monitors of its size, it costs almost double the price of existing models in the BenQ Mobiuz range, but of course they are all smaller and based on non-OLED panels.