Filmmaker Mode adds support for Dolby Vision & auto-switching on Apple TV+

Mike Wheatley

The UHD Alliance this week announced the latest evolutions of Filmmaker Mode, introducing support for Dolby Vision and auto-switching for Apple TV+ content.


Launched back in 2019 with the backing of famed directors Christopher Nolan and Martin Scorcese, Filmmaker Mode is a content pre-setting that’s designed to present movies on people’s TVs in exactly the same way as they were created. It ensures accurate colour reproduction, with the correct aspect ratio and frame rate, and eliminates processing such as motion smoothing.

The format has proven to be popular and has been adopted by dozens of the world’s top TV brands, leading to an evolution that began in 2021 when it added support for auto-switching, which enabled data embedded into Amazon Prime Video’s streaming signals to automatically engage the mode on compatible LG television.

At the Consumer Electronics Show this week, the UHD Alliance said Filmmaker Mode is getting another update, with the addition of support for Dolby Vision. Until now, Filmmaker Mode has only ever worked with SDR and HDR10 content, but it will soon work together with Dolby Vision content too.

A report in MediaPlayNews said Filmmaker Mode for Dolby Vision will launch on LG’s 2024 OLED TVs, as well as its top-tier LCD TV models.

"Filmmaker Mode has never been about one format or the other – it’s about every format out there, and it’s really a testament to wanting to make sure that consumers, once they see the brand, know they’re going to see the film the way it was intended to be seen, no matter what format it’s being played on," said the UHD Alliance’s president and CEO Michael Zink.

In addition to that update, Filmmaker Mode also gains support for auto-switching with Apple TV+ streaming content, meaning that movies and shows delivered by that service will automatically activate the mode upon playback. This integration will be available on TVs from LG and Samsung, but it’s not clear if it will only come to this year’s models, or if it will come to older TVs via an update.