Furrion launches Aurora outdoor TVs to rival Samsung's The Terrace

Mike Wheatley

Furrion, a manufacturer of audio and video products for outdoor environments, has announced three new TV models that will go head-to-head with Samsung Electronics’ The Terrace.


The Furrion Aurora lineup is significantly more affordable than The Terrace, which is a part of Samsung’s “Lifestyle” TV range and designed for use in pub gardens and other outdoor settings.

The lineup is comprised of three 4K LCD models, including “Sun”, “Partial Sun” and “Full Shade”, with various sizes available ranging from 43-, 55- 65- and 75-inches. Prices start at just $1,399, versus the $3,000+ Samsung is asking for The Terrace.

According to Furrion, the three models are largely the same, with the only real difference being their max brightness. The Sun is said to deliver a maximum brightness of 1,500 nits and is rated as IP54 weatherproof. It comes with an impact-resistant screen, it’s waterproof and it can operate at temperatures ranging from 50°C to -30°C, the company said. The Partial Sun and Full Shade models don’t quite reach the same peak brightness.

"Our heritage in the RV, marine and automotive industries gives us an edge on building products meant for the outdoor and on-the-go lifestyle," said Grant Olafson, VP of Furrion’s consumer division. "Not only have we integrated our outdoor TVs with smart home control systems, but also we’ve added Landscape Speaker Systems as well as a soundbar and wireless subwoofer system to deliver a fully immersive entertainment system that is even more robust."

As a rival to The Terrace, it’s perhaps not surprising that Furrion has opted for LG Electronics’ webOS platform to power its Aurora TVs. That means the TVs have access to an extensive range of apps, streaming services and cloud gaming platforms. The TVs also support third-party home control systems such as Control4, Savant and Elan, the company said.

While Samsung’s The Terrace has a higher peak brightness at 2,000 nits, Furrion seems to think its outdoor Aurora TVs might be a more tempting option as a result of their price tags. Moreover, buyers have a range of options and price points to choose from.


The Furrion Aurora Sun starts at $2,699 for the 55-inch model, rising to $3,699 for the 65-inch version and $4,999 for the biggest, 75-inch model. The Partial Sun is available in a smaller 43-inch model that costs $1,699, with the other sizes priced at $2,299, $$2,899 and $3,999 respectively. As for the Full Shade model, there are two sizes to choose from - a 43-inch model that costs $1,399 and a 55-inch screen that will cost $1,999.

Customers can also choose from a bunch of accessories if they so desire, including a 75-inch flat or tilt mount that costs $199 and a 75-inch cover priced at $169. There’s also an outdoor soundbar that fits all sizes that costs $299, a soundbar and external wireless speaker bundle for $699, and two Landscape speaker systems of varying power, priced at $1,299 and $1,799 respectively.

The Furrion Aurora outdoor TVs are on sale now in the U.S. via Amazon.