Hisense debuts powerful Starlight S1 Laser TV with foldable screen

Mike Wheatley

Chinese TV brand Hisense has updated its popular range of Laser TVs with a new model called the Starlight S1, and it appears to pack quite a punch, throwing up 100-inch 4K images when placed just inches away from a flat surface or dedicated screen.


Hisense uses the Laser TV branding to describe its powerful lineup of projectors, and in the case of the Starlight S1 it is an ultra-short throw model, which means it doesn’t need to be set back nearly as far from the wall as traditional projectors. In fact, it can deliver its maximum, 100-inch image from just 35-inches away, but that’s not the only impressive capability it has to offer.

It uses modern display technology that’s said to generate softer light, making it less damaging to human eyes, even if watching for several hours nonstop, the company claims. The company says there is a complete absence of harmful blue light emissions, with low reflection and zero glare, with an anti-light rating of 83%.

It supports 99% of the DCI-P3 wide colour gamut and boasts IMAX Enhanced Certification, while delivering DMD microsecond-level dimming and AI adaptive noise reduction to boost image quality. It also adjusts the brightness on the fly, if the user so desires, in order to strike the right balance between eye comfort and seeing all of the details.

Other nifty features of the Hisense Starlight S1 Laser TV include the ability to display digital artworks when not being used to watch movies or show video games, effectively throwing up an enormous mural on any wall. The projector also comes with a dedicated professional screen that’s just 20mm thin, enabling it to be folded in half when not in use, taking up far less space than traditional screens do.

It also packs a punch in terms of sound quality, with a hefty 90-watt speaker system built in that boasts a full-scenario sound field, meaning it can be optimized for different kinds of content, such as action movies, sports etc. It supports Dolby Atmos and DTS surround sound, and it comes with a built-in subwoofer that delivers an output of 60W, while the two front-firing speakers are rated at 15W. In terms of connectivity, users get two HDMI ports, plus an RJ45 network port, two USB slots and an optical fiber connection.


Hisense said the Starlight S1 comes with three gigabytes of memory and 128GB of internal storage space, and it also supports features such as one-touch cast and large-screen multi-person video calls.

It’s on sale now in China priced at 19,999 yuan, which works out at around $2,779, meaning it’s certainly not cheap. Hisense hasn’t yet said anything about global availability, but it often ships products in China first before announcing them for sale elsewhere.