Hisense is offering a free soundbar for TV buyers this month

Mike Wheatley

Hisense has launched a new promotional campaign in the U.K., tempting consumers with a free sound bar when they purchase select TV models.


The “Super Brand Days” campaign runs throughout June until the 4th of July and for the duration, buyers of three specific TV models will be able to get more bang for their buck and enjoy cinema-quality sound alongside the dazzling images of their new display.

Hisense’s deal is available for three specific models, including its flagship 65UXKQTUK Mini-LED ULED TV (pictured, above). As the name suggests, the 65UXKQTUK is built with a Mini-LED LCD display that provides hundreds of local dimming zones to enhance contrast and brightness to recreate incredible detail on screen. The TV is powered by Hisense’s Hi-View Engine X, which performs scene-by-scene and real-time, frame-level analysis to ensure both video and audio is reproduced as accurately as possible.

Anyone who buys this TV while the offer lasts will be able to redeem a free AX5100G soundbar (below) to immerse themselves with 340 watts of audio. The AX5100G boasts a 7-speaker array, Dolby Atmos compatibility and dedicated rear speakers to deliver a true surround sound experience, with various sound modes such as news, movie, night mode and more to customize the sound based on the time of day or content type.


The offer also applies to the Hisense 55E7KQTUK QLED 4K TV, a mid-range model that comes with Dolby Vision HDR and support for Dolby Atmos surround sound, among other capabilities. Alongside this model, buyers will get a free HS218 soundbar with Dolby Digital Audio, plus a wireless subwoofer to generate intense and powerful audio that’s far better than what the TV alone can generate.

Finally, Hisense is offering a free soundbar with its 43A6KTUK UHD 4K TV, which is a standard LCD TV model that boasts a wide colour gamut and various algorithms that help to replicate extremely bright and precise on-screen images. The TV offers a dedicated Game Mode feature to enable stress- and lag-free gaming experiences. Those who snap up the 43A6KTUK UHD 4K TV in June will be able to collect a free HS214 soundbar that comes with a built-in subwoofer and front-firing speakers to deliver clear and immersive audio throughout the living room. The HS214 soundbar is notable for its 3 Mode Equalizer technology, which makes it possible to switch between three different preset sound modes, based on the type of content.

“At Hisense, we are honoured to have such loyal customers and offering a free soundbar with their next TV purchase provides us with the opportunity to treat them, and offer our gratitude for their continued support of the brand,” said Arun Bhatoye, head of marketing at Hisense UK. “Initiating these brand days is a good way for us celebrate our presence in the audio-visual category.”

Hisense said consumers can take advantage of its free soundbar offer at the point of sale, simply by adding the complimentary soundbar at checkout for the discount to be applied automatically.