Hisense's PX2-Pro laser projector launches in U.K.

Mike Wheatley

Hisense has added another laser projector to its U.K. lineup with the arrival of the Hisense PX2-Pro ultra-short throw model, which is said to be able to create a 130-inch picture from less than 30 cm away.


Hisense, which likes to call its projectors “laser TVs” has been heavily focused on expanding its range of consumer-focused image generators. The Hisense PX2-Pro is the successor of last year’s PX1-Pro, and though it carries many of the same features as that model, it comes with greater brightness rated at 2,400 lumens, up from 2,200. In addition, it has dropped the Android TV operating system in favor of its homegrown VIDAA platform.

Inside, the PX2-Pro has the same TriChroma triple-coloured laser system found in the PX1-Pro. Its capable of creating crisp and clear 4K images that range from 90-inches to 130-inches at a maximum distance of just 27.3 cm, the company said. Capable of replicating more than a billion colours, it covers 107% of the BT2020 gamut. Hisense promises both “stunning clarity and colour accuracy”, and says these combine to deliver an immersive, cinema-like experience that rivals a trip to the pictures.

While the switch from Android to VIDAA may concern some users, Hisense assured us that it still provides access to all of the streaming apps that matter, including Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube and the U.K.’s very own Freeview Play service, which is totally free. Dolby Vision, HDR10+ and Filmmaker mode are supported, as is Dolby Atmos, aided by a pair of 15-watt speakers.

In terms of connectivity, the PX2-Pro adds an extra HDMI port, meaning there are three in total, with one capable of eARC. There are USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 inputs, while internet connectivity comes via Ethernet and WiFi, with Bluetooth also available. Hisense said the light source should be good for at least 25,000 hours.

“We’re proud to announce the latest addition to our Laser Projection offering which marks a significant step forward in the world of home entertainment,” Hisense U.K. Product Manager Matthew Glynn said. “We’re committed to pushing boundaries with our home entertainment tech and are always striving to provide our customers with innovation and excellence – which is exactly what the PX2-PRO represents.”


Hisense said the PX2-Pro is available in the U.K. immediately, with a price tag of £2,499. It can be ordered from the company’s official website directly, and it will also appear on the shelves at various retailers.

The Hisense PX1-Pro is a tad cheaper, listed at around £2,000 in some online stores, so those who’re not too bothered about VIDAA OS, the extra HDMI port and the bump in brightness may save themselves some money by going with the older model.