Huawei Launches New 4K Vision TV Running Harmony OS

Mike Wheatley

China’s Huawei has unveiled a new 4K television that uses Quantum Dot screen technology and runs on its new operating system, Harmony OS.


The Huawei Vision TV will be available in China in 65-inch and 75-inch sizes, with 55-inch and 85-inch models to follow at a later date.

The company didn’t provide a whole lot of specs at its unveiling last week, instead choosing to pitch its high-tech features such as premium video, audio and artificial intelligence.

Huawei said the Huawei Vision will support “high colour gamut video” and a refresh rate up to 120Hz, and can also facilitate video calls and be powered using voice commands. It comes with a touch remote controller with Bluetooth 5.0, and there’s the ability to cast content direct from a Huawei phone to the screen, similar to how Google’s Chromecast works.

There’s also an “8+1+1 Intelligent Sound System” that promises an enhanced audio experience.

The TV will run Harmony OS, whch is Huawei’s attempt to branch out with its own operating system after the US government forced the move by barring Google from continuing to license Android to the China-based tech giant.

AI features include the AI Video call mode, which offers face recognition and tracking. Then there’s AI Fitness, which promises a somewhat disturbing “skeletal joint recognition” feature, and AI Kids, which offers voice and body recognition. It’s not immediately clear how all of this AI recognition technology benefits viewers, but Huawei clearly seems to think it’s something its Chinese customers may want.

During the presentation, Huawei’s chief executive officer Richard Yu said the Huawei Vision is akin like a large screen smartphone and smart speaker than a traditional TV.

Huawei hasn’t revealed any pricing details or release dates yet, but given that the company’s earlier Honor TV models have only gone on sale in China so far, it’s unlikely we’ll see the Huawei Vision arrive anywhere else just yet.