LCD TV panel prices fall again, and that could be good news for consumers

Mike Wheatley

The price of LCD TV panels continues to fall, and that could be welcome news for anyone who’s in the market to buy a new living room portal in time for the World Cup and the Christmas holidays.


A report this week from the analyst firm Sigmaintell Consulting revealed that LCD panel prices fell again last month, with the cost of 32-inch displays slipping by $2 per panel, and 55-inch units falling by $4 each. Meanwhile, 65-inch panels now cost $8 less, while 65-inch ones are $10 cheaper than they were a month ago.

The price of LCD TV panels has been sliding for months now, since the end of last year. That’s great for consumers of course, with the price of upper-end TVs that use LCD panels falling quite noticeably, including some of the newest models out this year.

Typically, LCD panels that are shipped out from the factory go straight into production once they reach their customer, and then end up in stores as finished TVs within just a few of months. As such, analysts believe the latest price drops will result in some steep discounts on LCD TV prices just before Christmas and Black Friday come around.

LCD display prices are falling because the market is becoming increasingly clogged with panels made by Chinese manufacturers, who’re able to make them more cheaply. Indeed, their competitiveness is so extreme that they have forced traditional South Korean display making giants such as Samsung Display and LG Display to withdraw from the market. Last month it was reported that Samsung will exit completely by the end of this month, while LG has drastically reduced its own production and is likely to quit altogether in the coming months.

There were fears that recent COVID-19 related lockdowns in China might push LCD prices back up again, however that didn't happen, and with cities like Beijing and Shanghai now reopening, it’s expected that the downward price pressure will continue unabated, Sigmaintell Consulting said.

For anyone who’s struggling with the increased living costs that have resulted from higher inflation this year, the TV price drop will come as a welcome surprise. Many households have no doubt tried to avoid making big purchases such as a new TV, but if you need one then it becomes an almost essential buy. With any luck, people in that situation will soon be able to get their hands on a decent new box without breaking the bank.