LG Display to debut 27-inch and 45-inch OLED gaming displays at CES 2023

Mike Wheatley

LG Display has announced that two new OLED gaming monitors will make their debuts at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show, though it hasn’t yet revealed any official products.


The company, which is the display making subsidiary of LG Electronics, confirmed that it will be launching two new panels at CES, including a 45-inch ultra-wide OLED monitor display and a somewhat less-wide 27-inch OLED display. The news appears to confirm, at least partly, reports from last October that LG Display was planning to start mass-producing 27-inch and 32-inch OLED screens.

LG Display didn’t announce any specific products the displays will be used in - that’s something that will be announced at CES itself - but it did provide some specifications to give us an idea of what we can expect. According to the company, the gamer-friendly monitors are designed to strengthen its leadership in the high-end gaming market. The self-emissive OLED pixels will ensure “immersive gaming experiences”, the company promised, with “rich, vibrant and crisp images on top of their high performance”.

The new displays will have a super-fast response time of just 0.03 milliseconds, meaning a potential refresh rate of 240Hz per second, the company said. It added that these are the first ever OLED displays for monitors capable of reaching these speeds.

The company also made mention of its polariser technology. This is said to be specifically designed for gaming and works by minimising external light reflections to ensure the “perfect blacks” appear as dark as can be to the human eye. LG Display added that the panels are eye-friendly too, with the lowest level of blue light in the industry, superior to any LCD display of the same size. Further, the company revealed that the displays have a curvature radius of up to 800R, or 800mm. According to LG Display’s own research, that is the optimal curvature required to ensure the most immersive gaming experience.

“LG Display’s gaming OLED is the ultimate display solution for gamers in terms of picture quality, response times and eye comfort,” said Tai-jong Lee, LG Display’s head of solution customer experience division. “We will continue to expand our gaming OLED panel line-up based on the needs of gamers across multiple genres to take the customer experience we provide to new heights.”

Because there are no official products announced just yet (these are just the displays that will likely appear in several brands’ new monitors) there’s no word yet on any prices or release dates. However, LG Display said that mass production of the new panels will get underway “imminently”, so hopefully it won’t be too long to wait. The company confirmed that the displays will be used in “premium monitors” for “several global tech companies”. LG Electronics will be one of them, and brands such as Asus and Corsair have also confirmed they'll be launching new monitors based on the panels.

LG Display said we can expect more details on Jan.4 when CES 2023 opens its doors.