LG Display lands key industry award for its OLED EX tech

Mike Wheatley

LG Display’s OLED display technology has racked up yet another award, this time landing the Technology Award at the HiVi Grand Prix 2022 event hosted by the Japanese sound-video media publication HiVi.


The award was bestowed on LG’s newest OLED EX display technology, which was launched earlier this year and helps to enhance the picture quality of the company’s OLED televisions. HiVi chooses what it considers to be the best audio and video devices each year, based on its expert’s evaluations.

LG Display said it was the only South Korean firm to receive an award at this year’s event, something that could be considered a jibe at Samsung Display’s failure to land a similar award with its QD-OLED display tech. It said the OLED EX technology was the result of more than ten years of groundbreaking innovation in the display industry, and that it is able to recreate the most lifelike images, far transcending the limitations of existing displays. As per LG, the OLED EX tech ensures its displays can precisely represent natural colours, while achieving perfect blacks in any environment.

The OLED EX displays are built using a material called deuterium and are powered by personalized algorithms that help to enhance the brightness of the display by more than 30%, compared to conventional OLED. That’s a key advantage, because one of the few weaknesses of OLED is that it doesn’t get as bright as LCD technology. At the same time, LG was able to reduce the thickness of the display’s bezel by 30%, helping to provide a more immersive effect with a sleeker and more stylish design.

Despite Samsung Display’s entry into the OLED TV market this year, LG remains by far and away the most dominant player in the segment. Its OLED panels are used by every single brand that sells OLED TVs, whereas only two companies - Samsung Electronics and Sony - currently sell QD-OLED TVs. LG has led the way in OLED innovation, with concepts such as its rollable, transparent and wallpaper OLED displays, while extending its range of display sizes. This year saw it launch a new, 42-inch display as well as a gargantuan 97-inch model, its biggest yet.

“LG Display is dedicated to solidifying its leaderships in the OLED market by continuously innovating the quality of its self-emissive technologies,” said Jin Min-kyu, Head of Life Display Promotion Division at LG Display.

This year represents the third HiVi Grand Prix Technology Award for LG Display, which previously won in 2016 for its contribution to the development and mass production of TV-sized OLED panels. Prior to that, it landed the 2012 award in recognition of its FPR 3D technology.