LG reveals Euro pricing for its 2021 OLED and QNED TVs

Mike Wheatley

LG Electronics has announced European prices for its 2021 OLED TVs and its new “QNED” Mini-LED models. The good news is that the LG C-series OLED TVs will be cheaper than last year’s versions, though its cutting edge 8K OLED TV will still be ridiculously expensive.


The new QNED Mini-LED TVs, which replace last year’s high-end NanoCell LCD TVs, will cost more money, though that’s not really a surprise given they feature a much more advanced display technology.

FlatPanels HD, which first reported LG’s European prices, said the 77-inch version of the LG C1 OLED TV will cost just 5,300 euros (around £4,640), down from the 7,000 euro (£6,130) asking price for last year’s equivalent LG CX TV. That price reduction is likely being offered because LG is also launching its first 83-inch OLED TV this year in the C1 series, and that model will cost 8,000 euros when it goes on sale in June.

It’s worth noting that LG hasn’t yet confirmed its prices for the U.K., so the European prices should be seen more as a guide at this point.

As for LG’s 8K OLED TV, the LG Signature Z1, this will be priced at 20,000 euros for the 77-inch version, rising to 30,000 for an 88-inch version, so that’s still clearly going to be a luxury product that only wealthier shoppers will be able to afford.

LG will also launch a new G1 series of OLED TVs this year that feature its new and brighter “OLED evo” panel, which will start at just 2,400 euros for a 55-inch screen when it launches in April.

The company also offers a more affordable B1 series, and prices there will start at 5,000 euros for a 77-inch screen. There’s also a new A1 range of OLED TVs that promise to be even more affordable, but the company has yet to announce pricing for those.


LG’s high-end LCD TVs this year are being marketed as QNED TVs, which is short for Quantum Nanocell miniLED. They’re the company’s first TVs to feature the Mini-LED technology that was first advanced by TCL, and like Samsung’s equivalent NEO QLED TVs, feature a more advanced backlight made up of thousands of miniature LEDs that enable many more local dimming zones, and thus, a far superior and more accurate picture.

FlatPanels said LG’s new 65-inch QNED91 TV will start at 2,500 euros. The 75-inch model will cost 4,600 euros and the 86-inch version starts at 7,000 euros. There’s also an 8K QNED TV to be had, and of course it will be more expensive with prices starting at 5,000 euros for the smallest 65-inch version.

Once again, these prices should be seen as a guide as LG hasn’t yet released any details on its U.K. pricing. The company is planning to launch its QNED TVs between May and July this year.