LG To Showcase New 4K UHD CineBeam Projectors at IFA 2019

Mike Wheatley

LG Electronics will debut a pair of new CineBeam 4K UHD projectors boasting webOS and 4K upscaling technology at IFA 2019 next month, prior to their release in Europe.


“Our new 4K projectors are versatile enough to perform equally well in the home or office,” said Jang Ik-hwan, head of LG’s IT business division. “Featuring new innovations that elevate picture quality and user convenience to a whole new level, LG is redefining the modern projector and continuing to push the boundaries of what’s possible.”

The LG 4K UHD CineBeam Laser and the 4K UHD CineBeam LED projectors are versatile beasts too, designed for both living rooms and office environments, and they also support the HDR10 protocol for high dynamic range images.

The CineBeam Laser, model number HU85L, also happens to be LG’s first ever ultra short-throw laser projector, capable of projecting a 90-inch image from just 5.6 centimetres away from the wall. Set at 18 cm away meanwhile, the projector can deliver an image of up to 120-inches.

The HU85L is pretty powerful too, delivering peak brightness of 2,700 lumens and a contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1. It also has a lifespan of 20,000 hours at its highest brightness level, LG claims.


As for the LED projector, model number HU70L, it’s able to project a maximum image of 140-inches with a peak brightness of 1,500 lumens, LG said. The company claims a contrast ratio of 150,000:1, together with a longer lifespan of up to 30,000 hours at maxiumum brightness, thanks to its LED light source.

Both of the projectors are connected devices, and can access video streaming apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube through the integrated webOS 4.5 user interface. They also come with built-in stereo speakers, which means they can act as an all-in-one home entertainment system if necessary. Connectivity options include USB ports, a HDMI input and Ethernet, and both projectors can also mirror Android and iOS devices.

LG hasn’t announced pricing or availability yet, but confirmed that both projectors would be available in Europe “soon”.