LG adds another portable Full HD projector to CineBeam lineup

Mike Wheatley

LG Electronics is adding a new, Full HD LED projector to its popular CineBeam range, with the PF510Q DLP set to hit the shops in the coming days.


It's a new, compact and lightweight Smart Portable Projector that’s able to throw up an impressive, 120-inch image onto any projector screen or wall, it comes with LG’s powerful webOS smart TV platform, and it can be paired with a couple of Bluetooth speakers to push out punchy stereo sounds.

Measuring just 5.8 x 2.6 x 5.8 inches and weighing in at just under a kilogramme, the LG CineBeam PF510Q DLP projector is ideal for anyone who’s looking for a device they can toss into a backpack, so they can enjoy some big screen gaming or movie action wherever they might end up. Bear in mind though, the device still needs to be plugged into a mains power source, meaning it’s not quite as portable as battery-powered models such as XGIMI’s Halo or similar devices.

The specifications are not exactly world-beating either, albeit not too bad. According to LG, the device can generate 1080p HDR images ranging from 30-inches to 120-inches at the maximum. It’s powered by a four-channel LED light source that LG says is good for over 30,000 hours. Some may find it unsuited to brightly lit rooms though, as its brightness is only rated at 450 ANSI lumens. Even so, that should be good enough so long as you’re able to close the curtains and darken the room first, and for evening viewing it won’t be a problem. There’s also an auto vertical keystone correction feature built into the unit to help with setting up.

Users should find plenty of content to watch on the PF510Q DLP, thanks to the presence of webOS 22, which means access to apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+. The device is compatible with Apple AirPlay 2 and Apple Home, so iPhone users will have another source of streaming content. Android users will also be able to cast content to the projector, thanks to its Screenshare feature. In addition, there are two standard HDMI ports, a USB Type A and an RJ45 Ethernet connection.


In terms of sound, the LG PF510Q DLP comes with its own 5 watt mono speaker built in, which should just about suffice, though those who want a little extra oomph can add a couple of wireless speakers with relative ease.

Obviously, the PF510Q DLP is far from being a world-beater, but that’s because it’s not designed to be. Instead, LG imagines scenarios like a movable media device that can be carried from a kid’s playroom to their bedroom, or quickly shoved into a bag and taken to a business meeting, perhaps. In that case, it’s both portable, effective and can be set up with minimal fuss, and might just be an ideal solution for those kinds of users.

LG said the PF510Q DLP CineBeam projector is available now for $599 in the U.S., and will become available in other countries soon.