LG fixes auto-dimming issue on C2 and G2 OLED TVs

Mike Wheatley

LG Electronics has finally fixed a key problem with the auto-dimming feature on its popular C2 and G2 OLED TVs from last year. The fix should ensure that the TVs will refrain from zealously overdimming long-running dark scenes until they become unwatchable.


The company had already released a fix for the same problem on its 2023 C3 and G3 models, which also struggled with an over-enthusiastic auto-dimming feature.

LG has now given its older models the same treatment. It’s good news, because last year’s LG C2 and G2 remain some of the best OLED TVs money can buy, and with the 2023 models now in store, they can be bought at a significant discount from last year’s prices.

The auto-dimming feature is a safety measure for OLED televisions that gradually dims parts of the display. It does this to prevent “burn-in” from things such as brand logos. The feature can be found in other OLED TVs besides LGs’, such as in Sony’s, for example.

Unfortunately for LG, last year it began receiving complaints from buyers that the auto-dimming feature would sometimes take things too far, dimming parts of the screen where it wasn’t required. In some instances, it would even dim the entire screen, making scenes effectively unwatchable without the user manually intervening to increase the brightness.

It’s notable that Sony experienced similar problems with its own dimming algorithms in 2018, and that issue was also fixed via a software update.

LG said the firmware version 03.33.65 introduces the fix globally for all 2022 C2 and G2 OLED TVs. According to a report from FlatPanels HD, the fix seems to be the same one that was applied to the 2023 models earlier.

Users can either wait for the upgrade to appear automatically through an over-the-air update or visit their local LG support page and install it manually.