LG launches portable CineBeam Q 4K projector

Mike Wheatley

LG Electronics is looking to take on Samsung Electronics in the portable projector space, announcing the launch of its very competitive alternative, the stylish CineBeam Q.


The company first teased the device at CES 2024 in January, when it referred to its as the “LG CineBeam Qube”, but it appears to have shortened the name while retaining the HU710PB model number. It’s clearly designed for portability, with an 80 x 135 x 135 mm frame that weighs less than 1.5kg, according to the company. This compact design means the LG CineBeam Q offers lots of flexibility in terms of use, especially with its built-in handle that can rotate 360-degrees while doubling as a stand to enhance the user’s placement options. It can be used pretty much anywhere, in the back garden, a living room, friends’ house, at work – wherever.

4K UHD pictures are generated by a 3-channel RGB laser, and it’s capable of beaming an image of between 50-inches up to a maximum of 120-inches, with a 100-inch image requiring a throw distance of 2.66 meters, the company said. Brightness is rated at a rather modest 500 ANSI lumens, which necessitates evening viewing or closing the curtains, but the contrast ratio of 450,000:1 is quite impressive, as is the colour spectrum, which is said to cover 154% of the DCI-Ps gamut.

Notably, there’s no built-in battery that comes with the CineBeam Q, which means users will have to find a power outlet or use a portable battery for the energy source, which does hamper its portability somewhat.

However, it does boast plenty of content, running LG’s webOS 6 smart TV platform, offering streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. It also supports Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay 2 and Screen Share for Android smartphones, which enable more content sources, and its automated calibration and focus system should ensure users can simply plonk it down and play without any hassles.

In terms of audio, the LG CineBeam Q comes with a basic 3-watt mono speaker that’s enhanced with Clear Voice III and Dolby Atmos.

Better than the Samsung Freestyle?

The specifications and design show that LG is clearly gunning for Samsung in the portable projector niche. One of the most popular portable projectors of all is the Samsung Freestyle, which is known for its decent picture quality, streaming content support and low price tag.

However, the LG CineBeam Q beats the Freestyle in several areas, with its 4K output being far superior to the Full HD quality delivered by both Gen1 and Gen2 of the Freestyle. That means more detailed images, and they can also be bigger, with the Freestyle maxing out at just 100-inches.

The CineBeam Q also wins hands down in terms of contrast ratio, with its 450,000:1 easily beating the Freestyle’s 100,000:1 rating. That should ensure a more balanced image. The projectors are evenly matched in terms of brightness, but the enhanced contrast ratio should ensure a bit more nuance in darker scenes.

Both models are HDMI ARC compatible, but the Q comes with a standard HDMI port as opposed to the micro-HDMI port on the Freestyle, which requires an adapter rather than standard cables.

It seems that the LG CineBeam Q could become a big rival to Samsung’s Freestyle, thanks to its superior picture performance and, perhaps, its superior design, which is both stylish and flexible. In any case, the launch of the CineBeam Q once again underscores the growing popularity of portable projectors, which are becoming more powerful and therefore more capable alternatives to traditional home theatre projectors.

LG said the CineBeam Q is available to pre-order now, priced at £1,299. It will start shipping from April 1 in the U.K. and elsewhere. More detailed specifications can be found on LG’s website, where you’ll also find the offer of a £200 discount for those who pre-order immediately.