LG now taking pre-orders for 2024 OLED TVs in UK, as prices confirmed

Mike Wheatley

The U.K. prices of LG Electronics 2024 OLED TVs have finally been confirmed, and the company is now accepting pre-orders ahead of April 17, the date they’re due to ship out to customers.


As always, the prices of LG’s popular OLED TVs have been keenly anticipated, even though we already had a rough idea thanks to the earlier confirmation of U.S. prices.

The company has not revealed details for its entire OLED lineup, as there is no information yet on the wireless LG M4 TV, which is essentially just the LG G4 OLED TV with a Zero Connect Box. There’s also no details yet regarding LG’s QNED TV prices, but in any case it’s the OLED models that always garner the most excitement.

So looking at what we do know, let’s kick off with the flagship LG G4 OLED model, which is priced at £2,399 for the 55-inch model, rising to £3,299 for the 65-inch, £4,499 for the 77-incher and £7,000 for the biggest 83-inch model. LG hasn’t yet said anything about prices for the 97-inch version of the G4, but it’s priced at a whopping $24,999 in the U.S., which translates to around £19,800, so we’re expecting something similar.

What’s interesting is that those prices are lower than last year’s starting costs for the predecessor G3 OLED TV, with the 55-inch and 65-inch models £200 cheaper, and the 77-inch and 83-inch models being around $450 cheaper. Of course, those older models are still on sale, and they will be priced more affordably now than the newer ones that replace them.

As for the LG C4 OLED TV, the smallest 42-inch model will go on sale for £1,399, rising to £1,499 for the 48-inch model and £1,900 for the 55-incher. The 65-inch C4 will cost £2,699, while the 77-inch model is set to cost £3,799 and the 83-inch version tagged at £5,999. Those models are also cheaper than last year’s editions, which cost around £100-£200 more.

For those seeking something a tad more affordable, the step down LG B4 OLED might be just the ticket, with the 55-inch model starting at £1,699, the 65-inch at £2,500, and the 77-inch at £3,499. There will also be a 48-inch B4, but LG hasn’t listed any price just yet, though it will of course be cheaper than its larger brethren. Those TVs all cost around £200-£300 less than last year’s B3 models did when they first went on sale.

Of course, it’s worth remembering against that last year’s TVs are now considerably cheaper, with the 55-inch LG B3 now priced at just £999 via LG’s online store.

To incentivize pre-orders, LG is offering some free soundbars through its U.K. website. For instance, users can obtain either the LG G1 or GX soundbar when they purchase an LG G4 TV, with the exact model dependent on the size of the TV they purchase. Those who snap up an LG C4 will get either an LG USC96 or USE65 soundbar, while the LG B4 comes with the S75Q soundbar. It’s likely that independent retailers will also throw in their own deals and discounts to tempt buyers as well, so it is probably worth shopping around if you’re dead set on pre-ordering.

All in all, it’s good news for anyone who’s interested in one of LG’s new OLED TVs, though of course, buyers should remember that the launch prices will almost certainly be discounted towards the end of the year.