LG rolls out beta program for 2022 TV owners to download webOS 23

Mike Wheatley

LG Electronics is launching a new beta program for owners of its 2022 televisions that will allow them to upgrade their operating system from webOS 22 to webOS 23.


The news was first reported by FlatPanels HD, which said the beta program is available through an app, also known as “Beta Program”, and can be found within the company’s TV app store. The beta is set to run from now until March 1, ahead of what should then be a global rollout of the new OS. LG listed a number of compatible TV models for the beta test, including the LG A2, B2, C2, G2, CS and LX OLED TVs.

At this juncture we should point out that those who enroll in the beta will not be able to revert back to webOS 22 once they have taken the plunge, so hopefully the software won’t be too buggy.

As to what the update means, there are a few differences between webOS 22 and webOS 23. One of the main ones is the introduction of a new Quick Cards feature on the homescreen menu, which enables users to organize their favorite apps into different categories, such as movies, sports, music and so on. The idea is that it will aid in faster navigation, LG said at the time it announced webOS 23.

The update also eliminates some of the on-screen clutter, with the homepage displaying fewer recommendations on-screen. There’s also a new Quick Menu, which has been described as a game-changer.

The webOS operating system is regarded as one of the best smart TV platforms, and is often said to be easier to use and simpler to navigate than competing platforms, although, as always, it is often a matter of preference. However, most reviews agree that webOS 23 is superior to webOS 22, with its Quick Menu allowing for easier customization and on-the-fly changes if the selected picture mode doesn’t feel quite right.

Those who are perfectly happy with webOS 22 may want to refrain from joining the beta, while the adventurous are encouraged to go ahead and sign up. In any case, it’s likely that every 2022 LG TV will receive the update before too long. To joing the beta program, head to this link if you're based in Europe, or this one if you live in the U.S.