LG serves up a small, battery-powered LCD TV on a stick

Mike Wheatley

LG Electronics has certainly been keen on the weird and wonderful TV concepts lately, what with its transparent OLED TVs that can be fitted on subway windows, rollable OLED and whatnot. But its latest novel idea really takes the cake – it’s offering a bizarre, battery-powered TV on a stick.


The unconventional TV is going to be known as the LG StandbyME and it’s a strange beat indeed. It’s essentially a small, 27-inch TV fixed to a pole that’s able to operate wirelessly thanks to its battery power. The pole, which is really just an unusual stand, gives it a lot of versatility. It has hidden wheels that enable it to be moved around with ease, and when it’s attached, it can swivel, tilt, rotate or lowered to ensure optimal comfort for the viewer, whether they’re lying in bed, cooking in the kitchen or doing something else.

The TV can also be detached from its stick, so viewers can sit with it on their lap or at a table, similar to a tablet such as an Apple iPad.

Of course, LG doesn’t mention that when the batteries run out it may well serve as the perfect object to trip people over on the way to the bathroom at night, or as a breakable plaything for toddlers who fail to appreciate its unique flexibility.

The LG StandbyME reportedly has a touchscreen interface and runs webOS. It’ll therefore have streaming apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube, so there should be lots to watch. It will also support NFC smartphone mirroring, and there’s at least one HDMI port and a USB slot for connectivity to other media. It reportedly has a fabric finish on the back, too.


LG said the battery will last for around three hours per charge, which should be enough to watch a couple of short movies at least. Viewers will however, need to keep it plugged in they intend to binge watch an entire Netflix series. The StandbyME is of course, an LED LCD TV. LG doesn't currently make 27-inch OLED TV panels, though it has been making them progressively smaller so it’s not inconceivable we might one day see an OLED version, if the concept proves to be popular.

The company didn’t provide any details about the LG StandbyME’s resolution, or if it supports HDR.

LG hasn’t said anything about pricing or availability either, just yet, but we’ll likely learn more at the upcoming 2022 Consumer Electronics Show in January.